3PAR Sensors Pack for PRTG

AutoMonX has developed 10 custom PRTG sensors for monitoring the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise 3PAR storage. These unique sensors are utilizing the power of PRTG to monitor the various aspects of 3PAR hardware and its performance.

Below is a list of currently available sensors:
  • 3PAR Cage sensor
  • 3PAR Battery sensor
  • 3PAR Disk Pool Space sensor
  • 3PAR CPG sensor
  • 3PAR Node sensor
  • 3PAR Virtual Volume sensor
  • 3PAR CPU Sensor
  • 3PAR Cache Sensor
  • 3PAR VLUN Sensor
  • 3PAR Cluster Quorum Status Sensor

Manage Your 3PAR in 3 Easy Steps !

  1.  Download and Install PRTG Free Trial

  2.  Download The 3PAR Sensor pack and        Request an Evaluation License 

  3. Deploy the sensor and run the
      Automatic discovery


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